Sunday, December 26, 2004

This one's for Tommy Musick.

I promised him a blog entry earlier tonight, so I'm dedicating this to him.

Rob, Nishant, Stiv, Lisa, and I hung out at his house this evening. His sisters, Kim and Katie, also joined in on portions of the party. We indulged in battle scrabble, pizza, mint skittles, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and a rousing round of battle table tennis. All in all, a good time was had.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Faux wedding invitation.

When I checked the mail today, I noticed an envelope about the size of a card addressed to me. The return address was on the front and had no associated name, so I didn't know who it was from. As I opened it, I began to realized that it was a wedding invitation, but I couldn't figure out what friend I had in Atlanta that could be getting married. Then I read the following:

Cingular Wireless
AT&T Wireless


Those bastards... Mad props, though, for the novel marketing strategy.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Snow in winter.

My friend Connie sent me this aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint presentation. For maximal enjoyment, view the actual slide show.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

I made a girl cry today.

It wasn't intentional. It was during an indoor soccer game. I was the goalie. One of their players lofted the ball into the box, so I went for it. In the process of catching the ball, this girl's head got in the way of my elbow. After I caught the ball, I looked to see who I had just knocked down, and saw her sobbing on the ground. I felt really bad about it...

...until she got up. When the ref ruled (correctly) that it was our kick from the spot because the goalie always has the right to the ball, she went ballistic...even dropping an f-bomb at him during the exchange. As a result she received a yellow card. Even after the game, as we were shaking hands, a couple of their teammates told me that there was nothing wrong with what I did. They even had to placate her afterwards and explain how the goalie is allowed free reign in pursuit of the ball, even if a girl is in the way. My teammate, Dan, commented that she was going to make the guy who marries her very miserable for the rest of his life.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Thank god they were wrong...

Fifty years ago, some people predicted that computers in 2004 would look like the one pictured below. Thanks again to Jarrod, my most prolific blog source as of late.

I'm not very original.

According to this article sent to me by Jarrod, the word "blog" was the "number one word of the year"...whatever that means...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

The most homoerotic mainstream movie I've seen... Alexander. It actually wasn't very good, and seemed to drag on indefinitely.

However, Oliver Stone ensures that the audience knows that Alexander the Great was infamous for cavorting with other men. Also, I now have carnal knowledge of Colin Farrell after seeing this movie.

On a side note, Jared Leto was lookin' pretty fly, despite all the eye make-up...especially with those twists in his hair... Oh, yeah.


Yesterday, I was checking out the wallet of my friend and CS 560 group member, Ed. I noticed a prominent picture of his girlfriend, who is pretty smokin' hot. He remarked that he should get rid of that picture because they had broken up that morning. When he took it out to go throw it away, there was a smaller picture underneath. I asked if that was another picture of his ex, but was informed that it was in fact his mother. All I can say is that his mom is also foine. Thankfully, he was not offended by my remarks.

Tentative Chicag-ho plans.

Wednesday, December 29, through Saturday, January 1. Candidates for lodging include Hotel Steve and Hotel Jegro.

I almost went into Abercrombie yesterday...

Their West County Shopping Center store had one of their male models greeting customers, esecially those of the female variety, at the entrance. I should probably mention that he had no shirt on. Also, he was incredibly hot.

On a related note, I need to stay away from the mall. Bad things happen to my wallet when I go there...very bad things...

I told Justin I'd mention him in my blog....

Thursday night was a PNH top ten reunion of sorts. Nishant Shah (#2), Eric Shieh (#3), Justin White (somewhere in the top 15), and I (#22) gathered at the house of the "valedickwhorean", Robert Schwartz. In addition to Rob's family and his female companion, Ching, others present included Steve Kim, Lisa Johnson, Tim Mason, and some Puerto Rican dude. A good time was had by all.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Tina got did from behind.

I had an appointment at 08:00 this morning to have the oil changed and some other things looked at on my Tiburon (a.k.a. Tibby, Christina, Tina). On the way there, I thought to myself, "How funny would it be if I wrecked my car on the way to the dealership?" A minute later, my premonition was nearly fulfilled as I was rear-ended while exiting 141 @ Manchester. Thankfully, neither party was injured. The lady was very apologetic, so I felt bad when I called in the claim later on.

In addition to the work originally scheduled to be done on Tina, I got an estimate for fixing up her booty. Even though the only damage was a mildly scratched-up bumper, it will cost over $600 to fix. If hadn't filed a claim, I would be responsible for all of that since I have a $1000 deductible. Since I wasn't at fault, I hope this doesn't affect my insurance premium.

In the end, it turned out not to be very funny, but quite ironic on a couple of different levels.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I'm too cool for school.

Here's my best approximation of an exchange which took place between me and my boss's boss's boss earlier today as we crossed paths in the hallway:

Bob: How you doin', Obi?
Me: Good. Chillin'.
Bob: Yeah? They keepin' you busy?
Me: Yeah, yeah.
Bob: Wait, did you just say "chilly"?
Me: Naw, "chillin'".
Bob: Oh, kinda like "jellin'". I'm jellin' like a felon.
Me: Yeah... That's one of the things the kids say these days.
Bob: Yeah, I got one of those. And he says "chillin'".

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Matrix Pong

This is a HILARIOUS video.

You can check it out here or Google "Matrix Pong" and any of the first few results will take you to a site where you can download it.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

How does Mizzou get 2 flybys?

I attended the Mizzou football game vs. Kansas State today. Unfortunately, they lost 35-24. Some notable highlitghts from my first visit to Faurot Field:

B-2 Spirit flyby before the game. How does Mizzou get a stealth bomber?

The computer-generated Tigers intro on the video board.

The Tiger mascot.

Huge purple patch of K-State fans in the contrast to the yellow and black everywhere else.

Big M made out of rocks on the hill at one end of the stadium, and the fans sitting/playing on that hill.

The M-I-Z Z-O-U chant.

The Tigers always being "on the move".

Big Mo, the drum.

The Wildcat mascot doing pushups on the male cheerleaders' shoulders after each K-State score. Then the K-S-U-Wildcats chant which followed.

Another flyby at half-time. This time 4 A-10 Warthogs commemorating the ROTC cadets' committing to the Air Force.

The tiger growl after each play that went Mizzou's never got old.

Friday, November 05, 2004

And the player of the game is...

...#88, Chinedu Orjih.

Tonight was my brother's last football game as a Parkway North Viking. And he ended his high school career in style, snagging 2 picks and forcing a fumble. Before the game, my mom and I escorted him during the Senior Night procession.

I almost didn't get to see his big plays. I was leaving the game because I was too cold, when I ran into
Ms. Carter, one of my favorite high school teachers, and Caroline, Alan's girlfriend/ex-girlfriend. While I was talking to them, I heard the crowd go nuts. I turned around and Nedu was running back his first interception of the game. Of course I also went insane. I ran back to my mom and celebrated with her. By now my brother's fan section was in full gear, chanting his name. The fun didn't end there. The Pioneers looked poised to score on their next drive when Nedu intercepted a pass in the end zone, calmly taking a knee and handing the ball to the ref. He forced the fumble a couple of possessions later. These plays were made even more significant by the fact that the game ended in a 9-0 win for the Vikings.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Should I admit I'm friends with these guys?

Two members of Chuk, Jegro and Chris, win the award for the best Halloween costume. My "Scottish schoolboy" pales in comparison to the Ambiguously Gay Duo...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

As the returns come in...

Tim made a good point...

Anybody else notice how the division of the red states from the blue states, east of the Mississippi, is reminiscent of the Confederacy versus the Union?

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hammertime Hit!

The high school football game between Parkway North, my alma mater, and St. Charles West was the Charter Communications High School Football Game of the Week (meaning they broadcast it on local access TV) this weekend. My brother, Nedu, plays for the PNH Vikings. Since I couldn't make it to the game, I watched the replay of the game with my family tonight.

The Vikings started dismally, going down 20-0 in the second quarter. They scored right before and right after halftime, and seemed to shift the momentum, now trailing only by 6. On the ensuing drive, the Warriors ran a QB option on their second play. The Vikings defense was all over it, but the QB was barely able to make the pitch before being corralled. However, as soon as the RB caught the ball, the Vikings stand-out defensive back, #88, flattened him like a pancake for a 5-yard loss. The announcers went crazy, immediately proclaiming the tackle the "Hammertime Hit!" of the game. FYI, #88 is my brother.

Unfortunately, Nedu was beat deep for 40 yards on the next play...though he was a mere inches from making a pick. In the end, the Vikings lost, 35-21, and were eliminated from advancing in the playoffs.

Adventures at Upper Limits.

Today Jarrod and I attended the Rock Gym 101 class at Upper Limits, by Union Station. We learned safety and belaying techniques for indoor climbing, then we free-climbed for a couple of hours. Good times were had, and I would recommend this place, and class, for anyone interested in indoor climbing.

One humorous anecdote... After we had paid and were getting ready for the session, they gave us harnesses to put on. I didn't know what I was doing so I asked one of the staff members, I believe his name was Dave, to show me how to do it. While he was helping me put it on, I accidentally drooled on his hand. He was pretty cool about it and asked me what I was "on", mentioning that he wasn't going to be drooling until later at a party tonight. That is all.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Top 15 Biblical Ways to Acquire a Wife

via Joe (via Craigslist)

1. Find an attractive prisoner of war, bring her home, shave her head, trim her nails, and give her new clothes. Then she's yours.
-- (Deuteronomy 21:11-13)

2. Find a prostitute and marry her.
-- Hosea (Hosea 1:1-3)

3. Find a man with seven daughters, and impress him by
watering his flock.
-- Moses (Exodus 2:16-21)

4. Purchase a piece of property, and get a woman as part of the deal.
-- Boaz (Ruth 4:5-10)

5. Go to a party and hide. When the women come out to dance, grab one and carry her off to be your wife.
-- Benjaminites (Judges 21:19-25)

6. Have God create a wife for you while you sleep. Note: this will cost you a rib.
-- Adam (Genesis 2:19-24)

7. Agree to work seven years in exchange for a woman's hand in marriage. Get tricked into marrying the wrong woman. Then work another seven years for the woman you wanted to marry in the first place. That's right. Fourteen years of toil for a woman. [editor's note: WAC]
-- Jacob (Genesis 29:15-30)

8. Cut off 200 foreskins off of your future father-in-law's enemies and get his daughter for a wife.
-- David (I Samuel 18:27)

9. Even if no one is out there, just wander around a bit and you'll definitely find someone. (It's all relative of course.)
-- Cain (Genesis 4:16-17)

10. Become the emperor of a huge nation and hold a beauty contest.
-- Xerxes or Ahasuerus (Esther 2:3-4)

11. When you see someone you like, go home and tell your parents, "I have seen a ...woman; now get her for me." If your parents question your decision, simply say, "Get her for me. She's the one for me."
-- Samson (Judges 14:1-3)

12. Kill any husband and take HIS wife. (Prepare to lose your son though).
-- David (2 Samuel 11)

13. Wait for your brother to die. Take his widow. (It's not just a good idea, it's the law).
-- Onan and Boaz (Deuteronomy or Leviticus, example in Ruth)

14. Don't be so picky. Make up for quality with quantity.
-- Solomon (1 Kings 11:1-3)

15. A wife?...NOT!!!
-- Paul (1 Corinthians 7:32-35

Who would care about such a thing?

MTV2 Europe is having a poll to determine the 100 greatest albums ever.

Of the 258, or so, albums nominated, I own 61...and probably formerly owned another 4 to 7.

What does that say about the quality of my taste in music? ...besides that I'm a pretentious snob...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

How little my boss knows...

Today at work my direct supervisor commented that I'm pretty mature for being only 22 years old. I informed him that he wouldn't feel the same if he hung around me outside of work. I think most of my friends would agree with my assertion.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Should I even vote?

After weeks of supporting Bush, I am undecided yet again.

The turning point? A closer look at Bush's tax cut. I was formerly led to believe that the tax cut was designed to give more relief to those on the lower end of the income scale. This is not entirely the case.

While there is initially a trend where richer people get less of a tax break, this reverses after $297,350. People making more than this get an even bigger tax break than those at the least after the tax cuts have fully materialized. I'm not a fan of that. While one statistic shows that everyone in the richest 20% pays a bigger part of the income tax burden, the increase is the smallest for the top 1%. While there are other pragmatic reasons for decreasing the tax burden on the upper class during a time of economic recession, a handout to the uber-rich is simply not acceptable.

Now that the two main candidates are again tied, I don't know what to do. I guess somebody's gotta convince me to vote one way or another.

P.S. - Jim Edmonds just hit a walk-off homer in Game 6 of the NLCS to send it to 7. How excited am I?!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Speaking of fashion...

I was punked by three women in regard to my outfit today.

I wore a brown polo shirt with gray slacks to work, and two chicks there, Christine and Tracy, decided to write me a fashion police ticket. Later on, when I asked my mom for her thoughts, she agreed with them. Wac.

To all y'all haters I say: I don't go by the rules...I just wear what looks good. And today, I looked good...even my mom admitted that...but then again she is my mother...

Sound off: recent fashion trends.

There have been some fashion trends in recent history that I have despised...pointy shoes.

There have been some fashion trends I have frowned on, but with mild indifference...the pink explosion.

Some I have admired, but not participated in...throwback athletic apparel.

And some I have embraced...blazers.

Friends, I kindly ask you to post your comments regarding these and any other recent fashion trends you find interesting, despicable, whatever...

I nominate myself for Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Manager of the Year.

Those who are in leagues with me know what I'm talking about.

For those who aren't, I won the championship in both the Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball leagues pretty handily this past year. And I'm off to another amazing start in football. My league-mates might as well just start sending me their entry fees for this season.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Mazda of my favorite cars.

My friend Luis recently acquired an RX-8 and it is PIMP. I hate to admit it, but his car is even sexier than mine...especially with the 18-inch wheels. Other features of his car that give me an erection: the headlights, the hood design (especially from inside the car), the instrument design, the seat design, the rear doors, the storage compartments, and the fender streamers (an after-market) addition.

On a related, but not really, note...Luis is in a band called Team Tomato. I saw them play for the fifth or sixth time last night, and they're pretty good. Luis is an insane drummer. My friends Eric and Brian are also in the band...but I can never remember the bassist's name.

I need to move to Chicago.

Seriously, none of the musical artists I want to see come to St. Louis unless it's part of a gigantic tour in which they also visit Bismarck, ND. But then, why should they? The StL music scene is weak.

I'd move to New York, since everyone goes there, even if it's part of a 3-show excursion...but it's too big and too expensive.

Update on my stance on social issues.

It has become apparent to me that I am socially a Libertarian...except on gun control.

Saturday, October 16, 2004 I come.

Not really. But today I handled and shot a real firearm for the first time in my life.

It was a semi-automatic 9-mm pistol. It was a pretty exciting experience, but I"m really not that good at it. I barely hit the target at all in the first magazine...I wasn't lining up the sight correctly and was aiming too high. But I peppered it all throughout the second clip. For such a small gun, it was pretty loud and it had a pretty big kickback. Anyway, many thanks to my friend Steve from work for inviting me out to his property and providing everything I needed.

Michael Moore: champion or buffoon?

My friend Steve thinks Michael Moore is an idiot. After reading this essay, you might too.

Personally, I feel duped. While I expected, and saw through, a few misrepresentations, I didn't think Moore would stoop to the levels this article claims he did to manipulate the public. I guess the lesson is that you can't always take "the facts" at face value...and that includes the linked essay.

Friday, October 15, 2004

A Visitor's Guide to Driving in St. Louis, Missouri

I stole this from the same dude at the Forums, who stole it from somewhere else...

The morning rush hour is from 6:00 to 10:00 am. The
evening rush hour is from 3:00 to 7:00 PM. Friday's rush hour starts Thursday morning.

Gravois Road can only be pronounced by a native.

Construction on highway 40, 70, 270, 44, 55 and I-170 is a way of life, and a permanent form of entertainment.

A St. Louisan from South County has never been to North County and visa versa. West County has everything delivered.

If someone actually has their turn signal on, it is probably a factory defect, or has been on for the last 17 miles.

There are 2 exits on Highway 40 for Clayton Road and 2 for Big Bend.

All old ladies with blue hair in Cadillacs (driving on Olive west of 270) have the right of way.

Laclede Station Road mysteriously changes names as you cross intersections. As do McCausland, Lindbergh, Watson, Fee Fee, Airport Road and Midland, Olive Street Rd., Clarkson Rd. and many, many more!

You can go all four directions on Highway 270: North and South in West County, East and West in South County, and East and West in North County. Confused? So are the St. Louis drivers.

Lindbergh runs from South County to North County. Lindbergh belongs to every neighborhood except Kirkwood, who had the nerve to change the name to
"Kirkwood Road" in a childish fit of temper during WW II because Charles Lindbergh said that Adolf H. had an airforce.

Never stare at the driver of the car with the bumper sticker that says,"Keep honking, I'm reloading"- he is.

Any car parked longer than 4 hours in the city, is considered a parts store.

Highway 270 is our daily version of the NASCAR circuit.

YIELD signs are for decoration only. No native St. Louisan will ever grasp the concept.

If it snows or rains? Stay home.

23 Basic Rules For Driving in St. Louis.

I stole this from someone at the Forums, who stole it from somewhere else...

1. A right lane construction closure is just a game to see how many people can cut in line by passing you on the right as you sit in the left lane waiting for the same jerks to squeeze their way back in before hitting the orange construction barrels.

2. Turn signals are clues as to your next move. A real St Louis driver never uses them.

3. Under no circumstances should you leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you or the space will be filled in by somebody else putting you in an even more dangerous situation.

4. Crossing two or more lanes in a single lane change is considered "going with the flow."

5. The faster you drive through a red light, the smaller the chance you have of getting hit.

6. Never get in the way of a older car that needs extensive body work. Missouri's a no-fault insurance state and the other guy doesn't have anything to lose.

7. Braking is to be done as hard and late as possible to insure that your ABS kicks in giving a nice relaxing foot massage as the brake pedal pulsates. For those of you without ABS, it's a chance to stretch your legs.

8. Construction signs tell you about road closures immediately after you pass the last exit before the traffic begins to back up.

9. The new electronic traffic warning system signs are not there to provide useful information. They are only there to make St Louis look high-tech and to distract you from seeing the St Louis County police car parked in the median.

10. Never pass on the left when you can pass on the right. It's a good way to scare people entering the highway.

11. Speed limits are arbitrary figures, given only as suggestions and apparently not enforceable in the metro area during rush hour.

12. Just because you're in the left lane and have no room to speed up or move over doesn't mean that a St Louis driver flashing his high beams behind you doesn't think he can go faster in your spot.

13. Please remember that there is no such thing as a shortcut during rush-hour traffic in St Louis

14. Always slow down and rubberneck when you see an accident or even someone changing a tire.

15. Throwing litter on the roads adds variety to the landscape, keeps the existing litter from getting lonely and gives Adopt-a-highway crews something to clean up.

16. Everybody thinks their vehicle is better than yours, (especially pickup truck drivers with stickers of Calvin peeing on a Ford, Dodge or Chevy logo.)

17. Learn to swerve abruptly. St Louis is the home of high-speed slalom driving thanks to MDOT (Missouri Dept of Transportation), which puts potholes in key locations to test drivers' reflexes and keep them on their toes.

18. It is traditional in St Louis to honk your horn at cars that don't move the instant the light changes.

19. Seeking eye contact with another driver revokes your right of way.

20. Never take a green light at face value. Always look right and left before proceeding.

21. Heavy snow, ice, fog, and rain are no reasons to change any of the previously listed rules. These weather conditions are God's way of ensuring a natural selection process for body shops, junk yards, and new vehicle sales. After all, we do have our priorities.

22. Remember that the goal of every St Louis driver is to get there first, by whatever means necessary.

23. Real St Louis women drivers can put on pantyhose and apply mascara, eye-liner, and lipstick going a minimum of 75 mph. Real St.Louis men can eat a big mac in one hand, fries inthe other, while keeping his coke between his legs going a min of 80 mph.

My second MLB playoff game.

Nothing beats free tickets to watch the Cardinals beat the Astros 6-4 to take a 2-0 lead in the NLCS. Too bad it was rainy and butt-arse cold...but then again, that was the reason I got the ticket in the first place.

I am now attempting to proliferate the nickname "Murderer's Row" for the Cardinals line-up. Is there a bigger masher in all the land than Albert Pujols? I think not...Barry Bonds doesn't count cuz he's on a planet of his own...and he's out of the playoffs. Phat Albert was getting the MVP chant (and a Most Valuable Pujols sign) all night...then he hit the eventual game-winning home run. Rolen got the chant, too, when he followed it up w/ the tail end of back-to-back jacks (also his second big fly of the evening). But neither he nor Edmonds, both probable top 5 or 6 in MVP voting, compare to Al. Also, I should travel back in time about 2 months and slap myself in the face for proclaiming that Larry Walker was an unnecessary acquisition.

But that's not to say that the Astros don't have a damn scary line-up of their own. Though the elder two of the Killer B's, Biggio and Bagwell, are showing their age, the other two give me heart attacks every time they come up to the plate. Lance Berkman is so formidable he has been dubbed El Matador by the Chuk governing council for some time now. And Carlos Beltran is still My Daddy. He homered in his first at-bat for the second consecutive night. Jordan called him the third best hitter in the league behind Bonds and Pujols...I'm not going to question that claim. What I am questioning is why he's hitting second in their line-up, though I freely admit it is pretty stacked. In any case, I hope to get him to tuck me in and read me a bedtime story tonight.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My first MLB playoff game.

Talk about excitement! Busch Stadium was packed...I believe 52,323 was the official attendance. Even finding parking was a PITA.

In the end, the Cardinals were victorious...though not without a few heart attack-inducing moments. The final score was 10-7, and they took a 1-0 lead in the NLCS. You can read about it here.

Most noteworthy thought: from now on, I will refer to Carlos Beltran as "My Daddy". He jacked one home run and crushed another long ball about 20 feet foul into the upper deck...two sections from where I was sitting.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Exciting news on the RW front.

I have made it to the next stage of Real World casting. I now have to fill out a long-arse application, and then we'll take it from there. Wish me luck!!!

Upon reconsideration...

I have concluded that I am not a social liberal...I just want the gays to be happy...

Sunday, October 10, 2004

In an attempt to be more "jungle"...

I wanna learn how to climb.

I would like to take Rock Gym 101, and I am looking for someone(s) to accompany me. Let me know if you're interested.

My first political post.

I claim to be politically independent. I believe this is true. When asked to describe my political tendencies, I would say that I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal...the same description that probably 50% of America uses on themselves.

I have a hard time seeing myself vote for the Democratic ticket in this upcoming presidential election. I'm not sure why this is. George Bush would definitely not be my first choice for president, but he seems adequate enough, especially when compared to John Kerry. On the issues, Bush currently owns a very slim lead over Kerry...although I think this is partially due to the fact that Kerry has shifted his platform to appear more moderate than he truly is. Outside of that, though, I just feel more comfortable with Bush as president, despite his occasional brain farts. In any case, I am glad that my politically apathetic phase is over, and that I am now registered to vote.

If I had my way, I would want John McCain to be president...but that's never going to happen. I think this is because he is a strait-shooter who comes pretty much as close
as possible to being an independent without actually being one (props also go to James Jeffords for actually being an independent, though he was elected as a Republican). I am not a fan of people who define themselves so much by a party line that they do not entertain their individual inclinations on certain issues or candidates.

But enough of my political ranting...I'll try to keep these "serious" posts to a minimum.

One last note - my mother finally admitted yesterday that she is a Democrat, after months of claiming to be an independent. I assured her that there is nothing wrong with her beliefs, but that it's good to no longer be living in denial.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I'm not the only homo.

My friend Andy received a fortune in his cookie which apparently suspects that he also might be gay. It stated:

He likes to flirt, but toward you his intentions are honorable.

I hope it wasn't talking about me...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Nigerian government thinks I'm gay.

Another friend of mine named Joe sent me this story, and it broke my heart:

My analysis:
  1. Braided/dreadlocked hair - check.
  2. Earring - check.
  3. My chances of ever playing on the Nigerian national soccer team - gone.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Steve Kim's MLB playoff picks.

yanks over twins in 4. santana finna win one game and have one blown by his bullpen. thats what i think or else santana would hersheiser his way to the 'ship.
angels over sox in 5. sox are weak after schilling i feel. pedro will have to call the angels his daddy as well this october which is why i feel the sox will lose. broyson or whatever his name is, is going down. colon and the bullpen are solid late in the season
cubs over atlanta. oh wait, THEY LOST. hahahaha.
houston over atlanta in 4. atlanta was built to survive, not to win. thats the result of a cut payroll. houston has clemens and oswalt and lidge. DOPE.
LOU over LA in 4 as well. the trio of batters and trio of pitchers from the LOU will make this happen. to clarify, trio of pitchers would be marquis, carpenter, and morris. williams is fine, but i think matty will step up for his suckiness during the season.
yanks over angels in 6. angels will piss the yanks off for 2002's loss in the playoffs. its payback time. plus brown should be healed completely by then hopefully or at least close.
lou over houston in 7. the lou must be pissed after getting swept in the season finale. houston is riding some momentum though, so i pick this in 7.
yanks over lou in 7. i could actually go either way on this, but this is going 7 i feel. that is all. hopefully ichiro is traded to the yanks during the offseason and makes sweet love to matsui.

My latest quandary.

Hypothetically... Let's say that I have this hypothetical friend who hypothetically also has dreadlocks, and would hypothetically like to obtain a copy of my Washington University student ID so he can ride the Wash U shuttle. I don't think I would be comfortable with this hypothetical situation, but would not know how to let this hypothetical friend down...hypothetically, of course. Hypothetically, what should I do?

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Boeing Family Day, etc.

Today was Boeing Family Day, an event where employees are allowed to escort their family members on the premises. It also featured food, giveaways, static aircraft/weapons displays, simulators, and more. It didn't hurt, either, that a few F-15s and F-4s took off and landed at the airport next door.

My mom and brother, Chike, were in attendance. Unfortunately, we were running late and I was only able to show them my building before I had to leave them to go to my volunteer post. So while I stewed from boredom during my shift, they waited in excessively long lines and wandered around unguided. Since they also planned to spectate my other brother's, Nedu's, football game, they left without getting the free gifts or adequate food...and they didn't even arrive at the game until halftime.

The rest of the day went better, though. I mingled with a few co-workers, grabbed some grub, and checked out the displays. In addition, I purchased a military-style dog tag on which I listed my name, cell phone number, and URL. When I picked it up an hour later, the attendant commented that my tag was the first ".com" that they'd ever pressed. How good it feels to be unique...

I am not fulfilling my needs.

My friend Joe from work sent me this interesting link:

I would say that my sentiments are similar to those of this Kyung...though probably with a little less Linux, a little more sleep, and transfer of half of the boobies category to a new one entitled "booty".

My blog protest is officially over.

Some, maybe one in particular, would describe me as stubborn. For the most part, I don't disagree. This is one fight, though, in which I have hung up my gloves. I resisted the blog revolution for almost two years, and with good reason: 1) I didn't want to be just like "everyone" else (those who know me know that this is a factor in many of my decisions); 2) I didn't think I had anything interesting to say.

Maybe I realized that not everyone has a blog. Maybe I realized that I can probably write stuff that is more worth reading than half the yahoos out there. Or maybe Andy brought it up yesterday, and I just happened to rethink the whole idea.

I doubt that my posts will be deep, profound, or even of much interest to anyone, but I'll give it a shot anyway...I can always delete it if it doesn't work out. In the case that it turns out to be a resounding success and I maybe even double my fanbase to 5, I provide this disclaimer: do not expect frequent or regular posts. I have found that people are most pleased with me when they set their expectations low...