Saturday, October 02, 2004

My blog protest is officially over.

Some, maybe one in particular, would describe me as stubborn. For the most part, I don't disagree. This is one fight, though, in which I have hung up my gloves. I resisted the blog revolution for almost two years, and with good reason: 1) I didn't want to be just like "everyone" else (those who know me know that this is a factor in many of my decisions); 2) I didn't think I had anything interesting to say.

Maybe I realized that not everyone has a blog. Maybe I realized that I can probably write stuff that is more worth reading than half the yahoos out there. Or maybe Andy brought it up yesterday, and I just happened to rethink the whole idea.

I doubt that my posts will be deep, profound, or even of much interest to anyone, but I'll give it a shot anyway...I can always delete it if it doesn't work out. In the case that it turns out to be a resounding success and I maybe even double my fanbase to 5, I provide this disclaimer: do not expect frequent or regular posts. I have found that people are most pleased with me when they set their expectations low...