Monday, October 04, 2004

Steve Kim's MLB playoff picks.

yanks over twins in 4. santana finna win one game and have one blown by his bullpen. thats what i think or else santana would hersheiser his way to the 'ship.
angels over sox in 5. sox are weak after schilling i feel. pedro will have to call the angels his daddy as well this october which is why i feel the sox will lose. broyson or whatever his name is, is going down. colon and the bullpen are solid late in the season
cubs over atlanta. oh wait, THEY LOST. hahahaha.
houston over atlanta in 4. atlanta was built to survive, not to win. thats the result of a cut payroll. houston has clemens and oswalt and lidge. DOPE.
LOU over LA in 4 as well. the trio of batters and trio of pitchers from the LOU will make this happen. to clarify, trio of pitchers would be marquis, carpenter, and morris. williams is fine, but i think matty will step up for his suckiness during the season.
yanks over angels in 6. angels will piss the yanks off for 2002's loss in the playoffs. its payback time. plus brown should be healed completely by then hopefully or at least close.
lou over houston in 7. the lou must be pissed after getting swept in the season finale. houston is riding some momentum though, so i pick this in 7.
yanks over lou in 7. i could actually go either way on this, but this is going 7 i feel. that is all. hopefully ichiro is traded to the yanks during the offseason and makes sweet love to matsui.

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