Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tycho w/ Beacon @ The Ready Room (3/25/2015)

So, I'm a little late posting this one.  And I don't have too many thoughts.  The show was somewhat similar to the last time I saw this same pair of bands, but a bit less impressive this time around.  Since then Beacon has put out a new EP and Tycho has put out a new album - and in my opinion neither of these offerings were as strong as their predecessors.  Beacon was especially flat for me on this night, though it might have been that I was paying less attention as I conversed with the other indie rock meet-up people.  And I was really disappointed that Tycho didn't play "A Walk".  I will say, though, that the drummer was ridiculously good, and captivating to watch.

Rating: 4.1/5

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sylvan Esso @ The Ready Room (3/17/2015)

  • Flock of Dimes.  Missed them/him, as usual.
  • I think they played all the songs off their debut (and only) album.  Plus one new song that I didn't know.
  • They brought a decent light set for a small act.  I liked how they programmed the light rig to synchronize to the beats.
  • This was my first time at The Ready Room.  It's small, but not cramped.  Kinda like Firebird.
  • The show was sold out.  Good for them.  They seemed quite appreciative, though I couldn't really understand most of their banter from the angle I was standing relative to the stage/speakers.
  • As is typical for acts like this, the performance aspect of the show is missing a little bit - knob twiddling does not make as compelling viewing as playing a "real" instrument.  But I will admit that Ameila has some pretty good (though rave-ey) dance moves.
  • After the main set, it seemed like there was a real chance that they wouldn't do an encore - they started the background music and turned on some stage lights.  I'm not sure if that was planned, or if the vociferous crowd convinced them to come back out.  I wouldn't say I was a big fan of the encore song ("Come Down", I think), though, especially the extra-spacey live take.
  • I guess I should note that overall I liked the show quite a bit.  It just about beat my expectations.
Rating: 4.2/5