Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Phantogram @ The Pageant (4/8/2014)

  • Teen.  I missed them.
  • All of the "hits" and my faves were thrown in there, except for "Bloody Palms".
  • A few songs didn't really work well for me live; or at least they didn't sound much like the studio version.  These were generally songs that I wasn't a huge fan of anyway.
  • In general, I liked the performances of the songs that I liked from the albums.  The others were hit or miss.
  • I don't now why, but I liked how neat and uncluttered the stage was.
  • They had some very bright lights that nearly burned out my retinas on a couple of songs when they happened to be shining pretty much directly into my eyeballs.
  • They apparently now tour with 2 additional members, for a total of 4 - one on drums, and another on synth/guitar/effects.
    • Not really a low-light, but the really cool bass part on the chorus of "Howling at the Moon" was missing (or inaudible) in their live performance; although that part just about makes the song for me, it was still a good live rendition.
    Rating: 4.2/5