Friday, May 17, 2013

Conclusive proof that I'm a lazy soccer player

I've only had my last pair of indoor soccer shoes for about 8 months, but I already busted a seam on the side of the left boot.  It's still playable (and I've been playing with it like that for a few weeks), but it's an excuse to buy some new ones.  This time, I went with the adidas Freefootball x-pro, pictured below.

And since these are miCoach compatible, I went ahead and bought an adidas miCoach Speed Cell.  This is a little chip that fits in a slot under the insole of the left boot, and tracks your movement.  I played my first game with these shoes (and chip) tonight, and the results are in - see screenshot below, or go to this link.

I apparently spend half the game either on the bench or not doing very much.  And I'm only running or sprinting a quarter of the time.  I covered about 1.6 miles over the course of the two 20-minute halves, with a max speed of 17.69 mph (which could probably get me under 5 seconds in a 40 yard dash).  I was playing with some aftereffects of a thigh bruise suffered 3 nights ago, so I hope to improve on that max speed in the future.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Deftones @ The Pageant (5/1/2013)


  • I arrived late and only caught half of the last song by Ghost in the Machine, which was unfortunate since I wanted to support them after meeting the wife of their lead singer (a friend of a friend) last week.  There was really no need, though, as the show was sold out, and plenty of people saw them play.

  • The first 3 songs were from Around the Fur, then they sampled from every album in their catalog.  They ended with the standard "Engine No. 9" and "7 Words".


  • Chino (who was pretty chatty that night) dedicated the first song of the encore to Chris Kelly of Kris Kross, who had died earlier in the night.  He also made a reference earlier in the night to having a rough couple of weeks since former bassist Chi Cheng's death.
  • Chino has been playing the guitar more and more.  He broke it out for 5 or 6 songs, with at least a couple being songs from the most recent album.

  • Despite Koi No Yokan being possibly my second favorite Deftones album, most of the new songs that they played mostly fell flat to me.  I also think that, despite their high energy onstage, they are a much better band musically in the studio than they are live.

Rating: 4.1/5