Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Tame Impala @ Barclays Center (3/14/2022)


A Tame Impala show is a weird mix of stoner rock and semi-danceable bangers; with crazy lights, lasers, and confetti thrown in. I didn't "prep" much for this show, so most of the songs that were top of mind going in were off their/his latest album, The Slow Rush. Though that album was solid, the show reminded me how many good songs were on Currents. The older songs tended to be not as well received by the audience, as their appreciation skewed more toward the newer and more poppy cuts; and the people definitely went crazy for the big hits. Most songs seemed to have the percussion and bass turned up compared the album version. And I was a bit surprised that they played a couple of "interlude" tracks. In contrast to the wild visuals, Kevin & co's showmanship was much less dynamic; and he only left his spot in the middle of the stage a couple of times. An interesting observation (from the big screen, as I was way too far and high up to make out any detail) was that at least a couple of band members appeared to be wearing (pandemic) masks.

Setlist here.