Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Tool @ Barclays Center (11/19/2019)

I almost didn't include the picture above, because Tool has a "strict" no-camera policy at their shows (though sneaking a couple of pictures in would have been easy).  But then Maynard "allowed" cameras for the last song, which was dedicated to the artist who does their artwork (a special guest that night).  This at least gives an idea of the general stage setup, but doesn't include the lasers, LEDs, or transparent curtain that they had in front of them for most of the show.

Good stuff about the show:
  • I intentionally skipped the opener (Killing Joke) and got to my seat right as Tool was taking the stage; perfect timing.
  • It's a Tool concert, so of course there's going to be good music played well.  They mixed in a good amount of old and new.  Setlist here.
  • They played my favorite song from the new album, "Pneuma".
  • The stage setup, lighting, and effects were cool.
  • They had a 12 minute (laser projected) countdown clock between the main set and the encore.  They don't do the "let's keep them clapping for an unknown while" thing.
  • I met up with high school friends Eric and Cam in front of the venue after the show.  We had previously discussed attending the show together, but they initially didn't think they could make it - so I bought a solo ticket.  Obviously, they ended up going at the last minute.

Bad stuff:
  • My left shoulder was still recovering from surgery 3.5 weeks prior, and was slightly uncomfortable for brief portions of the concert.
  • The view from my seat was not the greatest.  As you can see from the photo, the left speakers block a good portion of the view, in particular one of the platforms where Maynard hung out in the back.
  • People who stand up in front of you in the nosebleed seats.
  • When I stood up to see over the people standing in front of me, I kept my coat on my seat.  It ended up falling to the floor and somehow getting some liquid (I'm guessing beer?) all over it.
  • I don't have too many complaints about the actual content of the show, despite not thinking the latest album was as good as the previous three.  However, Danny's "Chocolate Chip Trip" percussion wankery was garbage and a complete waste of 10 minutes.

Rating: 4.4/5