Saturday, November 27, 2004

The most homoerotic mainstream movie I've seen... Alexander. It actually wasn't very good, and seemed to drag on indefinitely.

However, Oliver Stone ensures that the audience knows that Alexander the Great was infamous for cavorting with other men. Also, I now have carnal knowledge of Colin Farrell after seeing this movie.

On a side note, Jared Leto was lookin' pretty fly, despite all the eye make-up...especially with those twists in his hair... Oh, yeah.


Yesterday, I was checking out the wallet of my friend and CS 560 group member, Ed. I noticed a prominent picture of his girlfriend, who is pretty smokin' hot. He remarked that he should get rid of that picture because they had broken up that morning. When he took it out to go throw it away, there was a smaller picture underneath. I asked if that was another picture of his ex, but was informed that it was in fact his mother. All I can say is that his mom is also foine. Thankfully, he was not offended by my remarks.

Tentative Chicag-ho plans.

Wednesday, December 29, through Saturday, January 1. Candidates for lodging include Hotel Steve and Hotel Jegro.

I almost went into Abercrombie yesterday...

Their West County Shopping Center store had one of their male models greeting customers, esecially those of the female variety, at the entrance. I should probably mention that he had no shirt on. Also, he was incredibly hot.

On a related note, I need to stay away from the mall. Bad things happen to my wallet when I go there...very bad things...

I told Justin I'd mention him in my blog....

Thursday night was a PNH top ten reunion of sorts. Nishant Shah (#2), Eric Shieh (#3), Justin White (somewhere in the top 15), and I (#22) gathered at the house of the "valedickwhorean", Robert Schwartz. In addition to Rob's family and his female companion, Ching, others present included Steve Kim, Lisa Johnson, Tim Mason, and some Puerto Rican dude. A good time was had by all.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Tina got did from behind.

I had an appointment at 08:00 this morning to have the oil changed and some other things looked at on my Tiburon (a.k.a. Tibby, Christina, Tina). On the way there, I thought to myself, "How funny would it be if I wrecked my car on the way to the dealership?" A minute later, my premonition was nearly fulfilled as I was rear-ended while exiting 141 @ Manchester. Thankfully, neither party was injured. The lady was very apologetic, so I felt bad when I called in the claim later on.

In addition to the work originally scheduled to be done on Tina, I got an estimate for fixing up her booty. Even though the only damage was a mildly scratched-up bumper, it will cost over $600 to fix. If hadn't filed a claim, I would be responsible for all of that since I have a $1000 deductible. Since I wasn't at fault, I hope this doesn't affect my insurance premium.

In the end, it turned out not to be very funny, but quite ironic on a couple of different levels.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I'm too cool for school.

Here's my best approximation of an exchange which took place between me and my boss's boss's boss earlier today as we crossed paths in the hallway:

Bob: How you doin', Obi?
Me: Good. Chillin'.
Bob: Yeah? They keepin' you busy?
Me: Yeah, yeah.
Bob: Wait, did you just say "chilly"?
Me: Naw, "chillin'".
Bob: Oh, kinda like "jellin'". I'm jellin' like a felon.
Me: Yeah... That's one of the things the kids say these days.
Bob: Yeah, I got one of those. And he says "chillin'".

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Matrix Pong

This is a HILARIOUS video.

You can check it out here or Google "Matrix Pong" and any of the first few results will take you to a site where you can download it.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

How does Mizzou get 2 flybys?

I attended the Mizzou football game vs. Kansas State today. Unfortunately, they lost 35-24. Some notable highlitghts from my first visit to Faurot Field:

B-2 Spirit flyby before the game. How does Mizzou get a stealth bomber?

The computer-generated Tigers intro on the video board.

The Tiger mascot.

Huge purple patch of K-State fans in the contrast to the yellow and black everywhere else.

Big M made out of rocks on the hill at one end of the stadium, and the fans sitting/playing on that hill.

The M-I-Z Z-O-U chant.

The Tigers always being "on the move".

Big Mo, the drum.

The Wildcat mascot doing pushups on the male cheerleaders' shoulders after each K-State score. Then the K-S-U-Wildcats chant which followed.

Another flyby at half-time. This time 4 A-10 Warthogs commemorating the ROTC cadets' committing to the Air Force.

The tiger growl after each play that went Mizzou's never got old.

Friday, November 05, 2004

And the player of the game is...

...#88, Chinedu Orjih.

Tonight was my brother's last football game as a Parkway North Viking. And he ended his high school career in style, snagging 2 picks and forcing a fumble. Before the game, my mom and I escorted him during the Senior Night procession.

I almost didn't get to see his big plays. I was leaving the game because I was too cold, when I ran into
Ms. Carter, one of my favorite high school teachers, and Caroline, Alan's girlfriend/ex-girlfriend. While I was talking to them, I heard the crowd go nuts. I turned around and Nedu was running back his first interception of the game. Of course I also went insane. I ran back to my mom and celebrated with her. By now my brother's fan section was in full gear, chanting his name. The fun didn't end there. The Pioneers looked poised to score on their next drive when Nedu intercepted a pass in the end zone, calmly taking a knee and handing the ball to the ref. He forced the fumble a couple of possessions later. These plays were made even more significant by the fact that the game ended in a 9-0 win for the Vikings.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Should I admit I'm friends with these guys?

Two members of Chuk, Jegro and Chris, win the award for the best Halloween costume. My "Scottish schoolboy" pales in comparison to the Ambiguously Gay Duo...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

As the returns come in...

Tim made a good point...

Anybody else notice how the division of the red states from the blue states, east of the Mississippi, is reminiscent of the Confederacy versus the Union?