Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Metric @ The Moore Theatre (2/21/2016)

Joywave was the opener for this show.  As usual, I showed up late for them since I knew nothing about them.  I did like the first song I heard of theirs, but the rest didn't strike my fancy too much.  Maybe I'll consider checking out their stuff at some point.

The Metric portion of the show didn't disappoint.  They came prepared with a dazzling, though compact, light rig that was worthy of the strobe light warning posted at the entrance to the venue.  As for music, they played mostly from their back catalog, with only four songs or so from the latest album.  I was fine with this, considering it's not my favorite album, but the new songs came off better than I expected - particularly "Cascades" (but that might be because the light effects were especially striking for that one).  And Emily is still a goddess on stage - an articulate goddess who changes her jacket often.  And enjoys spontaneous a capella.

Other highlights of the show include the band bringing out the VIP guests to sing the chorus for "Dreams So Real", including a duet to end the song with a very luck guy amongst them.  They also played a comparatively long four song encore.

If there was anything to complain slightly about, it might be the unnecessary solo or extended ending that they throw in from time to time - but I'm probably the only person that's not really into those.

Rating: 4.4/5