Monday, October 18, 2004

Speaking of fashion...

I was punked by three women in regard to my outfit today.

I wore a brown polo shirt with gray slacks to work, and two chicks there, Christine and Tracy, decided to write me a fashion police ticket. Later on, when I asked my mom for her thoughts, she agreed with them. Wac.

To all y'all haters I say: I don't go by the rules...I just wear what looks good. And today, I looked good...even my mom admitted that...but then again she is my mother...


  1. I only commented on your outfit because you are so fine that I never would have thought you would become a walking, clashing fashion catastrophe! My harsh critique of your outfit is only because I care! So why the heck do you have to been so stubburn as to wear the same color combo on the very next day. I guess pride is what separates the men from the boys...

  2. This Blog is cool. I've never been so intersted in someone else's life.


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