Saturday, October 02, 2004

Boeing Family Day, etc.

Today was Boeing Family Day, an event where employees are allowed to escort their family members on the premises. It also featured food, giveaways, static aircraft/weapons displays, simulators, and more. It didn't hurt, either, that a few F-15s and F-4s took off and landed at the airport next door.

My mom and brother, Chike, were in attendance. Unfortunately, we were running late and I was only able to show them my building before I had to leave them to go to my volunteer post. So while I stewed from boredom during my shift, they waited in excessively long lines and wandered around unguided. Since they also planned to spectate my other brother's, Nedu's, football game, they left without getting the free gifts or adequate food...and they didn't even arrive at the game until halftime.

The rest of the day went better, though. I mingled with a few co-workers, grabbed some grub, and checked out the displays. In addition, I purchased a military-style dog tag on which I listed my name, cell phone number, and URL. When I picked it up an hour later, the attendant commented that my tag was the first ".com" that they'd ever pressed. How good it feels to be unique...

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