Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hammertime Hit!

The high school football game between Parkway North, my alma mater, and St. Charles West was the Charter Communications High School Football Game of the Week (meaning they broadcast it on local access TV) this weekend. My brother, Nedu, plays for the PNH Vikings. Since I couldn't make it to the game, I watched the replay of the game with my family tonight.

The Vikings started dismally, going down 20-0 in the second quarter. They scored right before and right after halftime, and seemed to shift the momentum, now trailing only by 6. On the ensuing drive, the Warriors ran a QB option on their second play. The Vikings defense was all over it, but the QB was barely able to make the pitch before being corralled. However, as soon as the RB caught the ball, the Vikings stand-out defensive back, #88, flattened him like a pancake for a 5-yard loss. The announcers went crazy, immediately proclaiming the tackle the "Hammertime Hit!" of the game. FYI, #88 is my brother.

Unfortunately, Nedu was beat deep for 40 yards on the next play...though he was a mere inches from making a pick. In the end, the Vikings lost, 35-21, and were eliminated from advancing in the playoffs.

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