Saturday, November 09, 2013

Tycho & Beacon @ Plush (11/6/13)

  • Most of the songs they played were off their debut full-length, but they played a couple of songs that I hadn't heard before - likely off their EPs, but perhaps new
  • My favorite song of theirs, "Split in Two", was missing
  • They used the same projection system that Tycho used later, but not a couple of the stage lights

  • There's not much of a performance when it comes to watching this band.  One guy twiddles a few knobs and pretends to be occupied, while the other mostly sings (but looks pretty good doing so).
  • But you can't argue against the music - this was the first time in a while that I've come to see the opener as well.

  • They threw in many songs from Dive, including my two faves back-to-back
  • They also played a few older songs (with which I was less familiar), and a couple of new ones from the forthcoming album (including my new favorite single, "Awake")
  • Like Beacon, they projected artistic video/imagery onto the stage and back screen throughout the show
  • Definitely more of a performance than watching Beacon - Scott (the real brains behind everything) plays a little guitar/synthesizer/knob-twiddling, while the other two play the guitar/bass and drums
  • They do a pretty good job with their live renditions

Rating: 4.5/5

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