Saturday, October 26, 2013

Animal Collective @ The Pageant (10/25/2013)

  • Deradoorian.  Not particularly fond.
  • Seemed like they mixed in stuff from a bunch of their albums.  Considering that I really only like (and am familiar with) their last two albums, despite having them all, I coulda done without some of it.  But my BIGGEST complaint is that they didn't play their best song - "My Girls".
  • Blow-up lighted semi-arch things with video projection the whole time.  Interesting.
  • Geologist wears a head lamp while performing.
  • Most of the song transitions/intros/outros were too long for my taste, especially the glitchy ones.
  • Their live sound doesn't quite match the studio magic.
    • The live version of "Brother Sport" is apparently a dance party.
    • I was literally dumbfounded when they closed the encore without having played "My Girls".
    Rating: 3.8/5

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