Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cut Copy @ The Pageant (11/11/2013)

  • Larry Gus, Kirin J Callinan; I missed both, and from the sounds of things I should not regret it.
  • Some old stuff, some new stuff, it was all in there...especially (what I would consider) the hits.
  • At first it looked pretty minimalist...but I was wrong.  Lots of lights...or at least they made ample use of the lights that they brought.  It went very well with the music.
  • Their performance was pretty much a 1.5 hour dance party...and it was mostly pretty great.  Plus the surprisingly thin crowd allowed room to get one's groove on.
  • The lead singer had just about the perfect amount of energy and animation.  You need plenty for this kind of music, but he never overplayed to the crowed.
  • I couldn't quite tell how much the drummer was contributing and how much was the backing track (of which there was no shortage).  He was pretty active the whole time, so it's possible that he was responsible for most of the beats.
  • On a similar note, the guitarist and bassist alternated from playing their instruments (including some percussion) on guitar-heavy songs to knob twiddling on electro-heavy ones.  Though there were a couple of songs somewhere in the middle where I wasn't sure if the guitar was actually adding much.
  • Did I mention that the light show was pretty great?
Rating: 4.4/5

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