Saturday, March 26, 2005

I'm freakin' out!

Oh my god! Greatest feeling EVER!

I must admit, I turned the TV off when we went down 10 with about 5 minutes left. While surfing the web, I couldn't help but check the score. The first time, not much had fact we were down more. When I checked again, the score was tied with 30 seconds left. I rushed to turn the game back on.

Watching OT was a roller coaster. The highs of Deron nailing the three...the lows of giving up the easy bucket or offensive rebound. And then the last play...that sucks for Arizona fans that they didn't even get off a good shot. Oh well...

Wow. Looks like I might need to contact some scalpers about next weekend after all...

Year of the ILLini.

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