Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I haven't been to a concert this good in a long time.

More precisely, it's been over a year and seven months.

The sold-out Interpol show at the Pageant tonight was GREAT. Their performance was spot on...album-quality tightness. The vast majority of the first half of the show was from Antics. In all, they must have played everything off that album except C'mere...my favorite song off the album, and likely their next single. Also missing was Untitled, probably one of the best first songs on any album. Other than those two, though, I was pleased with the setlist...which makes sense since I like all their songs.

I wasn't really a fan of the on-stage smoking, but I'll gladly put up with it for such quality music. Also, Paul Banks turned out to be a bigger guy than I imagined...though not really that big. And it seemed like he was gesturing to the sound guy to raise or lower the volume of his mike or his guitar after every single song. And Blasco, their touring keyboardist, seemed bored at times.

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