Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Pearl Jam @ Scottrade Center (5/4/10)

Remember when I was a huge Pearl Jam fan-boy?  Yeah, so that was about 7-10 years ago...before I became completely immersed in the Radiohead phenomenon.  This concert brought back a few memories of the past.

First off...Band of Horses.  Did you know that they're from Seattle?  By the looks of them on stage (guitarist wore a cowboy hat, singer had a southern twang), I would have guessed that they were from somewhere in Texas.  Anyway, I enjoyed the few songs that I recognized from whichever of their albums I own.

As for PJ...those dudes have way more energy than they should for being in their mid 40s.  Jeff was spinning all over the place while Mike showed off the best kick-jumps in the lead guitar biz and Eddie did his dangle-from-the-mike-stand thing.  Ironically, one of the high points was the crowd singing most of "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town", which is a softer ballad.  They played a lot of material from their earlier albums...which is good because that stuff is better than the new material.  Too bad Mike still does guitar solos that are way too long (Eddie took a smoke break during one) and they feel the need to end most songs in dramatic epic fashion.  Overall, it was about what I expected from them.


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  1. Ten is still the defining Pearl Jam album. V was good but Ten, nothing will ever beat it. First album and hit a homer. I play it all the time.


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