Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now that Apple's killing Lala...

Remember when I dedicated an entire blog post to singing praises to the music website Lala?  And remember how Apple's acquisition of Lala frightened me at the time?  Well, Apple's shutting Lala down at the end of the month.  Boooooo.

So now I need to find a new music discovery tool.  A couple of days ago I signed up (or re-signed up, since I had an account with them before they reinvented themselves) for MOG.  It's kind of like Lala, except not free ($5 a month) and with a smaller catalog.  On the plus side though, you can listen to any song as many times as you want on MOG, and their queue management is better.  There are other services out there that offer similar capabilities (Zune, Rhapsody, etc.), but there's a pretty obvious reason that I initially picked MOG over them: it scrobbles to Last.fm.

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