Saturday, May 09, 2009

Meat poisoning and geeking out.

Note to self: don't enter another eating contest against Steve Mitori. A group of 11 coworkers (and some friends/family) got together last night for dinner at Bacana, a classy churrascaria buffet. Steve and I wanted to settle once and for all who had the bigger appetite, as we were uncertain after past dining experiences together. Despite his slight stature (I would guess 5'-5'', 130 lbs), the man can put the food away. This time, I was to match him bite for bite - everything he ate, I had to eat as well.

I hung with him for a good hour or so through many cuts of meat (my favorites were the garlic fillet and the bacon-wrapped chicken), a plate of sides, and a plate of salad. In the end, however, he prevailed by eating an extra cut of tenderloin and a lime mousse desert. The triumphant moment was immortalized in picture, and I don't look forward to its appearance on Facebook. Congratulations, Steve.

After dinner, a few of us joined a few others (11 in total) for the Star Trek movie. The movie was pretty solid (3/5 on the Netflix scale) and I didn't throw up during it from meat poisoning, but there was a guy sitting in front of us whom I wanted to punch in the face several times for making annoying comments that I'm pretty sure only he thought were humorous. Being the grinch that I am, I was also annoyed when the audience erupted into an ovation at the end of the movie - this is one of my pet peeves.

Speaking of Star Trek, I was surprised the other day to find a Star Dates calendar had been added to my Google Calendar account. I later found out that those tricky Google folks had done this automatically for anybody with a Star Trek event in their calendar. Sneaky, sneaky...

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