Saturday, September 09, 2006

Seems a little ridiculous if you ask me...

This domain,, was set to expire in November. It is currently registered with GoDaddy, but I wanted to transfer it to 1&1, who currently provide my hosting, as they have cheaper rates. When I tried to do this, I got a message which said that the domain could not be transferred. I eventually figured out that this was because I had a lock on the domain at GoDaddy, so I removed the lock.

After a couple of weeks I tried again to transfer the domain, but got the same message. I called GoDaddy and a technician informed me that ICANN does not allow transfers within 60 days of domain expiration. This seems a little ridiculous to me. The reason I'm transferring is because my registration is about to expire and I want to go with a better deal. In the end, I had to renew with GoDaddy at a higher price than I would be paying 1&1. When I switch, I'll then have to register for additional years with 1&1 to be able to transfer. I guess that's not so bad since I plan on owning this domain for the foreseeable future, but it just doesn't make sense to me.

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