Saturday, September 09, 2006

Curse you, USCIS.

I bought tickets to see Massive Attack, one of my favorite bands, in Chicago on their first tour of the U.S. in 8 years. The show, originally scheduled for September 13, has been postponed to September 27, a date I can't make, because they could not get visas from the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service in time. The band released the following statement:
In spite of timely and coordinated efforts, the essential U.S. immigration visas were not issued in time for the beginning of the Massive Attack North American Tour.

Subsequently, the band has been forced to cancel the first four shows (Toronto (September 10), Montreal (11), Detroit (12) and Chicago (13)).

Currently, the rest of the tour remains intact. The band hopes to reschedule the cancelled shows as soon as possible.
You can read a little more here.

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  1. That really stinks. I love their whole "sound." PS. This comment is really really late.


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