Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ode to Pete Nash.

This one goes out to a co-worker that I have come to greatly admire, Pete Nash. Here are some of the reasons I think he is so cool:
  • He sometimes greets people on the phone, "Pete Nash!"...you'd have to hear it to appreciate it.
  • He went to UIUC, and never fails to reply to to my ILL.
  • His wit and great sense of humor.
  • His cleanliness - he keeps moist wipes and hand sanitizer at his desk (Being the biter I am, I do now as well.)
  • He's really freakin' smart.
  • He's a straight-shooter.
  • He's a great problem-solver.
While I'm at it, I should also give props to some of the other great people I work with: Steve Mitori (my team leader), Dave Walter (my boss), and Lee Puett (my boss's boss, formerly my boss).

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  1. Ode to Pete Nash
    he knows his name well.
    Repeating it daily, coworkers do tell.
    With untapped intelligence he snuck into state "U"
    Graduating Illini, whoever knew?
    Obsevively compulsively moist wipes in hands
    He wields freakin smart code like no normal man.
    A 600 pound gorilla, supa-genius
    some say
    The little boy from Rockford still puts on his pants the same way.
    Over his head!
    And the pain in the ass wants to proof my ode.


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