Sunday, October 10, 2021

James Blake @ Radio City Music Hall (10/9/2021)


This was my first concert since the pandemic started, and I took Fran along with me. It was also my first show using the continuously refreshing ticket barcodes from the Ticketmaster app - seems like a solid strategy to combat ticket scams, but time will tell how effective it is (and there are probably downsides that I'm ignoring, like requiring a smartphone).

Notable points include:

  • Personal favorites "Life Round Here", "Mile High", and "Retrograde" were played, though I would have liked a couple more. The "Retrograde" hum part was live looped, and each time it played you could hear the crowd's wild reaction upon recognizing the song at the beginning.
  • The live performances helped me dig a couple of tunes off the just released (the day before) new album even more - "Famous Last Words", "Foot Forward", "Life is not the Same".
  • There was a bit of a dance party interlude for a couple of songs. Fran really appreciated the opportunity to get up and dance. In general she really liked the show, and enjoyed that many of the songs threw in unexpected aspects.
  • James had nice banter with some good humor and showed a lot of appreciation for the crowd.

Setlist here.


Rating: 4.4/5

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