Thursday, March 10, 2016

MUTEMATH @ The Showbox (3/8/2016)

MUTEMATH is a fun act to see live.  They are energetic, even as they advance in years.  They bring a pretty elaborate stage and light show, especially for the smaller venues that they tend to play.  And their music ain't half bad either.

For this particular show, they once again played a good mix of old and new.  The beginning was mostly new-ish, and then they took it old school for a few songs.  As is to be expected, Vitals got the largest representation, being their latest album and all (as well as the name of the tour)In total they apparently played a whopping 22 songs (though I think that count is actually low by 1), the vast majority of which I enjoyed.  The encore wasn't really an encore, in that the band didn't fully leave the stage between, but I have zero gripes with that.  They closed things out with the customary "Reset"/"Typical" comboSide note: further research indicates that they played a very similar setlist every show during this tour.

All in all, this was a more than satisfactory show.  And after Animal Collective, it restored my faith that concerts can actually be enjoyable.

Rating: 4.5/5

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