Sunday, December 13, 2015

Muse w/ Phantogram @ Key Arena (12/12/2015)

Two bands that I've seen once or twice before.  I'm more of a Phantogram fan, but Muse has been worth seeing each time.


As is to be expected, this venue (and stage) is bigger than Phantogram is ready for.  But that's normal for an opening act.  They made good use of some of Muse's lights - probably a bigger light show than they would normally have at a show they're headlining - but it obviously wasn't main-act-caliber lighting.  In any case, the musical performance was solid, with the sound mix tightening up after the first couple of songs.  Just like the last time that I saw them, I noticed something slightly disappointing about the live rendition of "Howling at the Moon" - this time it was that the cool rattling drum part during the chorus was part of the backing track, and was not played by the live drummer.  Despite this, I have no real complaints about their 40 minute set.


These guys put on a live spectacle.  This time it was all about (well, somewhat about) orb-shaped drones, to match the name of the latest album and the tour.  It also seemed like there were things coming out from nowhere every other song: screens dropping, giant balloons, jet-shaped drone, piano from trapdoors, and more.  And to make an observation that I've made before, these guys are really good musicians - they play very tightly and cleanly.  I don't love all their songs, but seeing their show is always a good time.

Rating: 4.4/5

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