Monday, September 28, 2015

Beach House @ The Pageant (9/27/2015)


Jessica Pratt.  Missed her set.


Beach House did something very interesting on their website - they posted a setlist creator for each show where fans could vote for their top 3 songs to include in the setlist for the show.  I voted for "10:37", "Levitation", and "Wishes" (I've worn out the first two, which are on the new album, over the last month).  I think this was a pretty great idea by them.

In any case, they played two out of my three, the exception being "10:37".  I do wonder if the setlist creator was sabotaged, though, as they didn't play a few of what I would consider classics from Teen Dream and Bloom, while they did play three pretty old songs that I wasn't too familiar with.  The final rating will have a slight deduction because of this, but overall I don't have major complaints.


They're not a super popular band, so they didn't have a spectacular light show or anything.  But they did have these three pretty cool looking light reflection chambers (for lack of a better description) made out of (I think) cloth.


They had a couple of moments of seeming self-indulgence, which is not something I recall much from Beach House - while they do switch some things up from the recorded versions, extended jams are typically not their thing.  I think I felt at the time that they extended "PPP", but now that I re-listen to the recorded version it has a pretty long ending anyway.

This will likely be my last show with the indie rock meetup group for a while.  It was good to hang out with a few of them on the rooftop terrace of the Moonrise Hotel after the show.  Hopefully they're still going to shows when I return from Seattle.

Rating: 4.4/5

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