Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Interpol @ The Pageant (5/11/2015)


They played songs from all throughout their catalog, as opposed to backloading from the latest album as most bands tend to do.  I actually was a tiny bit disappointed about this, as I think El Pintor is one of their better albums.  I was a little surprised that they didn't play a couple of the early hits even while they played some more obscure songs from Turn on the Bright Lights.


This is the first time (of the four I've now seen them total, all at The Pageant) I can recall seeing them have a projection screen as part of their setup.  It was a nice aesthetic touch.  The distorted effects especially went well with the music.


Paul's vocals sounded off for the first few songs of the show.  I'm not sure if it was due to the mix or the acoustics back in the area where I was initially standing w/ the meet-up group.  Things sounded a lot better after I moved down to the back of the pit during the third or fourth song.  I did notice, though, that he didn't sing a high falsetto during "My Blue Supreme".


There were a couple of songs I would have liked to hear that they didn't play.  And they did play a couple that I could have done without.  But an Interpol show is always gonna have plenty of songs that I do like.  So, pretty standard stuff from the guys.  Plus a nice addition with the projections.  And I still love Daniel's (the main guitarist) moves on stage.

One final note... I was surprised to find out that the show didn't sell out since the venue didn't have the balcony open; especially given how long this band's been around.  Just goes to show that I have no idea how popular bands that I like are.

Rating: 4.4/5

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