Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wager with Nathan Rosenstock

Earlier this summer, Nathan and I made a small wager about my tech future.  I am documenting our e-mail exchange on the topic here...

Obi Orjih, 2 June 2014:
Let it be noted for the record that you (Nathan Rosenstock) predicted that I (Obi Orjih) will be using an Apple device as my primary personal mobile device 10 years from today (i.e., June 2, 2024). You are so confident in this prediction, that you would switch to a vegetarian (not vegan) diet for one month if you are incorrect.

Nathan Rosenstock, 2 June 2014:
And if I am correct, you may not watch or listen or monitor in any way either live or recorded the first world cup soccer game after June 2, 2024 in which a US team is playing. You may see unavoidable replays of short length, but you must inform yourself of the outcome of the game as soon as possible after the game has concluded.

Obi Orjih, 2 June 2014:
Agreed. But I want an out in case I "have" to make plans for that game... In order to watch the game, I must pay you USD$100. This all assumes that I lose the wager.

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