Saturday, April 06, 2013

Purity Ring @ Plush (4/6/2013)

  • Blue Hawaii.  I'm not sure if opening with another boy-girl duo (where the dude does the beats and the chick sings) is a good thing (because it's likely fans of the main act would also like them) or a bad thing (because it could be viewed as seeing the "same" act twice).

  • They played all the songs off their only album (not in order, of course) and a cover of "Grammy" by Soulja Boy (WTF?).  Though they did not have an encore, it was no surprise that Fineshrine was last.

  • "Performing" their style of music live mostly involves pushing buttons and twisting knobs, in addition to singing.  But Corin spiced it up with a homemade light bulb percussion kit.  They also had a light in a big drum that Megan banged a few times (each time making me worry that it would fall off its shaky stand).  Unfortunately, the light inside the drum stopped working toward a couple of songs before the end of the show.  Oh, and they used a lot of fog, which I think helped quite a bit with setting the mood.

  • I wouldn't say that their performance was spectacular or anything, especially considering what performing their style of music entails.  But their songs are just so good that it was a very enjoyable show.

  • When performing Grandloves live, Megan sings the vocal part that is sampled from Young Magic.

Rating: 4.5/5

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