Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sleigh Bells @ The Pageant (10/28/2012)

  • AraabMuzik... I caught the last 20 minutes of his set (which ran at least 10 minutes over), which was way more than enough to be glad that I was not there for the first half.  Unlistenable.

  • Of the combined 22 songs on their 2 albums so far, I think they played 18 or 19.  I know that there were a couple from "Treats" that were absent, and I'm not sure about one or two from "Reign of Terror".
  • However...neither album, nor any of their songs, is terribly long, so their performance was not either.  They started around 9:50 (20 minutes late, despite not having much equipment to set up) and finished about an hour later.  They skipped the break before the encore in order to finish before the curfew.

  • The setup was centered around two racks of six massive Marshall speakers.  Pretty appropriate if you know their sound.
  • They also had some strobe lights, LED racks, and bulb arrays.

  • They've picked up another guitarist - there were 3 people on stage.  I'm guessing (and Wikipedia seems to confirm) this is just a touring thing.
  • There were a couple of songs where Alexis was alone on stage with just the backing track.  I don't think there were any like that when I saw them at Firebird a couple of years ago.
  • At the end of the last song Alexis threw her shoes into the crowd.  One landed next to us, and Galen picked it up.  After a couple of attempts he found someone to give it way to.

  • After seeing it live, "Leader of the Pack" may be my new favorite song from "Reign of Terror"

Rating: 4.2/5

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