Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big change afoot

As of approximately 1 hour ago, I am now dread-less (after something like 12 years with them). My neighbor, Leo, is a barber, so I just went to his shop, Top Flight Barber Shop. I tried to go with a sort of faux-hawk thing, but my hair growth wasn't full enough to do the unkempt middle thing (which is why I got rid of the locks in the first place), so I now have a semi-faux-hawk that's more like a standard cut that just extends all the way back to my neck. I feel no need to post before/after pictures - there will be plenty of pics of me with short hair in the time to come. I just have to adjust to the new look now...

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  1. Good luck adjusting. That is a big change after a long time.


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