Monday, December 06, 2010

28 was a good age

Overall, my 29th year on this planet (while I was by convention aged 28) was a pretty good one, even despite a break-in at the homestead.  I think a lot of the good feelings can be attributed to my new-found BFFs in the EAT crew, so this is basically a shout-out to them (you know who you are).  I was lucky enough last night to bring them all together with my mother and brother, who constitute half of another part of what makes life so awesome these days - my family (sorry you couldn't be there Nedu and Pa).  And I even had a couple of semi-stable non-platonic relationships during the past year, which is an atypical accomplishment if you know my history.

So here's hoping that my final year with the dreadlocks goes as well as, if not better than, the last one.  And that I can avoid having to commit suicide or pay for a vacation in 10 years (it's a long story that only a select few would appreciate, so don't ask).

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