Monday, March 09, 2009

Time to switch toilet paper?

I'm a fan of the Charmin Ultra cuz it's so soft. However, it looks like it's not so good for the environment. Check out a comparison chart here: It also looks like Bounty paper towels, my brand of choice, are pretty bad in that respect. I don't think I can switch from Bounty unless the "greener" brands make select-a-size rolls.


  1. Does the "Post-Consumer %" column refer to toilet paper which has already been used?

    Also, they need a "Comfort Level" or "Sandpaper-likeness" or something else to let me know how I'm going to feel about it.

  2. Ha! That's pretty funny.

    I'm pretty sure you're joking about that first comment, but just to clarify for people who may not get it... Post-consumer recycled material refers to material (in this case paper, but I'm pretty sure NOT toilet paper) that was recycled after being used by a consumer. This is contrasted with pre-consumer recycled material, which refers to scraps from an industrial process, where the material never makes it to a consumer.


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