Thursday, November 30, 2006

I officially had an "Oh, sh*t!" moment driving home today...

By the time I left work for home tonight there were 3+ inches of ice on the ground from the steady sleet all day. I did alright for most of the drive, though there was some slippin' and slidin' on 270.

Things took a dramatic turn for the worse after I exited onto Page. In order to maneuver from the semi-clear far left "lane" to the not-as-clear far right, to take the Westport exit, I had to go through a mess of piled-up as with stray tire tracks cut through it. As I did this, I went into a skid and totally lost it. I ended up facing the wrong way in the middle of the road (mind you, this was a highway-like road) and had to pull a u-turn while avoiding one oncoming car. Luckily, this was the only car anywhere nearby at the time. I made it home safely, with the only other trouble occurring while trying to get up the driveway (I had to dig myself a path up).

All in all, I came out unscathed, though a bit rattled.

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