Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 - better than IE7 Beta 1.

Microsoft is looking to improve on its recently challenged, but still dominant, position in internet browser market share with Internet Explorer 7. The second beta of IE7 was recently released, and I am inclined to give props. IE7 has tabbed browsing and RSS support, features which have long been offered by Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Unfortunately, the tabs can't be rearranged like they can in the other browsers. Other noteworthy aspects of IE7 are the Quick Tabs preview feature and its slick interface. The rendering style is also markedly different from the competitors and previous IE versions. IE7B2 definitely fixes some bugs that were present in the first beta, such as an inability to properly render Yahoo! Mail (?!). Apparently, there were some other incompatibility issues, especially in the area of security, which were fixed in this beta. All in all, I give the product a thumbs up, and move it up from a distant third in my browser preference to tied with Opera for second.

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