Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My favorite birthday wish.

I received a few calls, voicemails, text messages, and e-mails today wishing me happy birthday. While Jegro's hillarious voice message was absolutely entertaining, my favorite wish was an e-mail from Tom Musick entitled "24 candles":
24 Reasons Why I Love Obi:

1. Hugs before and after man-dates
2. Busch Stadium: Hit it Here, Mark
3. Our very own Coldplay song
4. Talking life with Moms
5. Getting fooled by your old voicemail
6. Backyard football in the dark
7. Deep thoughts about deep things
8. Heisman talk with the Orjih Bros.
9. High school tennis matches
10. Ben and Jerry's in DuPont Circle
11. Cold Stone on Tito Jackson's birthday
12. Dairy Queen at our seat by the mulch
13. Lix (before the name change)
14. Ted Drewes on a Sunday stroll
15. Janet Jackson costume
16. Learning to love Radiohead
17. My first beer at Evans House - a Natty Light
18. Will Clark's winning walk in Milwaukee
19. Climbing the Alma Mater
20. Driving me home from Jordan's 21st birthday
21. Watching Asian porn in Robert's basement
22. Watching fireworks 17 stories above D.C.
23. Admiring Rob Bell's legs
24. Being friends with one of the world's Best Men

Happy Birthday Obi.

Your friend,

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