Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I hate to rant about a previously discussed topic, but...

I have not been the subject of much racial discrimination in my life. In fact, there have been only maybe two times that I have felt that I was the victim of such an act. However, I don't think I'll ever let one of them go.

If you read my post on March 21, 2005, you witnessed a faux-expletive-laden explosion regarding Jim Caple, a writer for ESPN.com, being pictured on the Alma Mater statue on the campus of U of I. If you recall, this is the same statue I was busted for climbing while a student there. Well, I received an e-mail earlier today aptly titled "i see no black people and no po-po", which contained nothing more than this picture:

I have made it my personal mission to take a picture on top of the Alma Mater when I visit Champaign next month. Hopefully, I will return to post that picture on this very blog that you are reading. If not, I might be in jail. But more likely, I will probably forget.

Thanks to Julie for the picture.

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