Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kudos to Yahoo!

In their attempt to take over everything related to the Internet, Yahoo! has launched (pun intended) their new music subscription service, Yahoo! Music Unlimited. It does what Napster To Go and Rhaphsody do for less than half the price, as low as 5 bucks a month..."unlimited" legal music downloading. I use the quotes because some of their 1,000,000+ tracks are available only for purchase (e.g. any thing from Radiohead's catalogue). Note that you are not allowed to burn tracks acquired through the subscription service, though you can transfer them to approved portable music players.

In addition to the great value, the Yahoo! Music Engine's not too shabby. Admittedly, it still has it's bugs (which I've personally experienced - it is in the beta test phase), it lacks an equalizer, and it only downloads one track at at time. However, I was able to rip from 2 CDs, download an album, play a track from my library, and transfer an album to my MP3 player all at the same time.

Yahoo! Music Unlimited gets the Obezma Seal of Approval.

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