Sunday, January 02, 2005

I thought I liked cleavage...

Don't get me wrong - cleavage is long I don't know the girl.

It seems to me that some girls think that they need to show half their breasts in order to get attention from dudes. But then those same girls complain about getting the "wrong" kind of attention from guys. I can't speak for all men, but I personally would not take a girl seriously (as in worth more than some quick action) if she was running around with her boobs hanging halfway out of her top. I probably toss around the term "slut" too much, but I guess I just prefer a girl with some class. I don't mind my woman wearing a form-fitting outfit, but I would prefer to still have to use my imagination a little bit. I think a woman can be sexy and confident without having to show it all.

Anyway, that's just one man's opinion, so take it for what it's worth...


  1. Interesting point here! What is sexy and attractive for a women is not how much skin sho shows, its the intellectuality.

    Image of cleavage goes away but the mentality remains...


  2. Hey Obi,
    I think a good example of someone who has 'the goods' to show cleaveage but chooses to 'leave things to one's imagination' is a certain Asian beauty that we both know... and might I say, just between the two of us, I think you two would make a lovely couple.


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